Mike Ashley has confirmed that HMRC are investigating Sports Direct for the non-payment of national minimum wage during questioning by MPs. The retailer hit headlines earlier this year when it was revealed that workers are required to stay late, unpaid, to undergo rigorous security searches. The law makes it clear that when calculating the hours of work for NMW purposes, even if the worker is not actually working, they are treated as doing time work if they are available (and are required to be available) at or near a place of work for the purpose of doing such work. This will also include time spent travelling on business during normal working hours. Care providers have also previously come under close scrutiny for this, and MiHomecare, one of the UK's biggest care companies, may be facing group litigation by care workers due to staff not being paid for the time it takes them to travel between clients. The law firm representing the workers is now appealing for both current and former employees of the care company to come forward. It will be interesting to see whether similar action follows in respect of the sports direct workers, pending the outcome of the HMRC investigation.