88 Betfred workers have won a settlement after the private betting company refused to make certain contractual redundancy payments. The workers became entitled to the redundancy payments after the call centre in which they worked was shut down. The call centre employees, previously employed by the TOTE, argued their contractual right to redundancy payments transferred to Betfred under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 following Betfred's acquisition. The campaign received backing from trade union Unite and support from the wider public by way of a huge social media campaign. Betfred eventually agreed the settlement directly, however it seems likely from the circumstances surrounding the acquisition and subsequent closure that the employees' would have been found by a tribunal to have been protected by TUPE. The closure of the work place without redemployment also satisifies the statutory requirements for redundancy. We would always strongly suggest that a business takes legal advice in relation to any prospective transfer and any subsequent redundancy situation. Similarly, here, the enhanced redundancy terms were clearly contractual and this is not something we would ordinarily advise. Generally, it is preferable for employers to agree any enhanced redundancy settlements directly with an affected employee. However, employers also need to be wary of awarding enhanced redundancy payments in every case, as it is possible for an enhanced redundancy package to be incorporated into the contract through custom and practice, or by reference to other non-contractual documents, such as a staff handbook. For enhanced redundancy terms to be implied into employment contracts, employees must demonstrate that the terms are: 1. Reasonable, notorious and certain; 2. Fair; and 3. Generally established and clear cut. As such, any employees seeking to argue that an enhanced redundancy scheme is in fact contractual, will need to demonstrate that the policy has been drawn to their attention or followed without exception for a significant period. If you would like any further information on the requirements under TUPE or the status of any enhanced redundancy scheme please do not hesitate to get in touch.