From 1 March 2017 the penalties for anyone caught using their mobile phone whilst driving will double to six points and £200.

Further tougher measures have been introduced meaning that drivers can have their licence revoked if they accrue six points within two years of passing their test. Those caught using their mobile twice, or who accrue 12 points on their licence, will face magistrates’ court, disqualification and fines of up to £1,000. 

According to Hampshire Police, research has shown that if you use your mobile phone when driving, you are four times more likely to have a crash. 

What is the law? 

1. You are breaking the law if you pick up or use any type of phone that must be held to operate it. 

2. You are not allowed to use your phone if you are stopped at traffic lights or when queuing in traffic. This includes picking up your phone to send and receive texts or browsing the internet.

Are there any exceptions? Yes - a driver can use their mobile to call 999 in a genuine emergency, when it is impractical to stop and make a call. 

Police forces up and down the country have been clamping down on those who risk their own lives and that of others by using their mobile at the wheel, and rightly so. The law is there for a reason and we all have a responsibility to keep our roads safe.