This is a tragic instance where had a driver checked his mirror, or undertaken a visual check, to confirm the whereabouts of his colleague before moving off then a death may have been avoided.

The MOD has been prosecuted by the HSE for failing to have a process in place to reduce the risk of injury and death presented by the movement of vehicles.

The failure of any driver to check their mirror is often the cause of injury to pedestrians who may be crossing behind the car, or to a cyclist that is overtaking the parked vehicle.

Remember the Highway Code :-

Section 159:-

- use all mirrors to check the road is clear

- look round to check the blind spots

- signal if necessary before moving out

- look round for a final check.

If you are unfortunate enough to be bereaved as a result of a road traffic collision then you may need specialist legal advice, and we set out here some points of which to be aware:-