In 2013, 331 motorcyclists died and 4,866 were seriously injured in road collisions in Great Britain which makes for bleak reading.

The attached guide produced by the government campaign "Think" sets out sensible advice for both motorcylists and drivers. In short be aware and look for each other.

However, what i wanted to touch upon was my experience of two cases that i dealt with recently involving motorcyclists that provide a contrast as to the motorcycle kit worn.

The first case involved a motorcylist who was travelling down a country road when emerging from a bend he was confronted by a tractor turning into an adjacent field pulling a trailor that was blocking the width of the whole road.

The motorcyclist, with no where to go, put down his bike, sliding along the tarmac, and collided with the trailor. I was expecting to hear of life changing injuries but fortunately the biker had invested in high quality bike clothing that had kevlar built in. He luckily walked away with relatively minor injury albeit very shaken.

The second case involved a biker who was proceeding on a residential road when a car parked to the nearside pulled out into him causing him to be thrown over the car to land on the road.

This biker was wearing a crash helmet, good quality leather jacket and boots. However, he had worn jeans. As a result his major injuries were mainly restricted to his knee and those would be life changing.

As a result when i holiday abroad it always sends a shiver down my spine when i see typically the moped riders wearing a crash helmet, shirt, jeans, and flipflops - it isn't worth thinking of what might happen in either of the cases above had they worn such light clothing as illustrated by the attached photo.

As such whilst the advice on the linked document is helpful i nevertherless would encourage bikers who typically invest in high performance bikes to also spare a thought for their kit! Good to protect your head but don't forget about the rest of you.

In both of the above cases i was able to obtain from the other driver's insurance company early interim payments to fund rehabilitation that was key to those injured.

If you as a motorcyclist or cyclist are unlucky to have suffered serious injury as a result of an accident then telephone Moore Blatch LLP on Freephone 0800 157 7611 to see how we might support you in obtaining rehabilitation.