I was interested to read this BBC article that a driverless shuttle bus will be tested by the public in London.

Whilst there has been wide coverage over the safety of driverless vehicles on our roads that has focussed on the vehicle itself and not always how it will be perceived.

The question of perception is an important one which i have raised in earlier blogs. This was demonstrated recently by the Uber driverless car crash in Arazona when a third party vehicle failed to give way to the driverless car causing a collision that pushed the driverless car on to its side.

If other road users become more familiar with the sight of a driverless car on our roads then it will likely influence behaviour and increase awareness of how these vehicles might perform.

I am hopeful that greater public awareness of these vehicles will increase acceptance by those who would use them as well as other road users to lead to fewer road collisions therefore less injuries and fatalities on our roads.

Matthew Claxson is a Partner at Moore Blatch Solicitors acting on behalf of those who have been seriously injured or bereaved as a result of a road traffic collision. Freephone 0800 157 7611 or e-mail: matthew.claxson@mooreblatch.com.