"I didn't know the car driver who caused the death would have a Barrister"

The above is a phrase i hear far too often when the family bereaved as a result of a road traffic collision seek legal representation after the Inquest.

The driver of the car who caused a fatal collision should be insured. The insurer will have an interest in the case therefore they will often as part of the insurance policy provide to the car driver a legal team for the Inquest.

If the bereaved family are not also represented at the Inquest then they can be taken by surprise that the car driver is represented by, usually, a Barrister.

In the majority of cases where a bereaved family instruct a solicitor, such as myself, following a fatal car crash then the solicitor will ensure that the family is properly represented and their questions put forward.

Should a family elect to proceed without representation then they may find an Inquest Guide helpful as per the attached.

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