Lots of children started at school this week, however, schools are reporting that many were not "school ready". The main concern being speech, language and communication.

This article highlights the need for earlier intervention to support those most vulnerable in our society in order that they have the opportunity to access education as well as their peers. 

The Children and Families Act 2014 extended protection for pupils with special educational needs from 0 - 25. Therefore, there is no need to wait for pupils to struggle at primary school as there are mechanisms to ensure that they are supported from the time that it is needed. 

It is important that those who need support get this at the earliest opportunity, in order for them not to fall further behind and to ensure they access the same opportunities as their peers. An Education Health and Care Needs Assessment can be applied for at any stage and, once the needs are identified, along with the support required, a plan can be drawn up to ensure that these pupils get the understanding and provision they need to access education.