"Slow down to cut animal road deaths" is the title of this article in the New Milton Advertiser which caught my eye. 

The article touches on a spike in animal road death at this time of year believed to be linked to the clocks going back which happens this weekend. 

The local community in the New Forest have come together to create a campaign #add3minutes to your journey which they hope will reduce the number of animal deaths.

Kerry Dovey who lives in the New Forest area and works at Moore Blatch LLP (Lymington office) is quoted in the paper saying "This is a good, positive campaign and i hope it can bring the human angle home to people".

As i was reading this article it occurred to me that if the #add3minutes campaign can potentially reduce animal deaths on our New Forest roads then perhaps we all should take note and practice it wherever we may live in this country.  It may be that not only do we see animal deaths reduce but also road traffic collisions in general whereby people avoid suffering serious injury or bereavement. 

The winter months present seasonal challenges to drivers, particularly new drivers, in terms of the evenings become darker earlier, and the weather becomes worse.  It therefore stands to reason that by allowing a little more time on your journey you will hopefully arrive at your destination safe and sound.  

Matthew Claxson is an expert in accessing rehabilitation for those who have suffered major trauma, and representing at Inquest those who have been bereaved as a result of a road traffic collision. Freephone: 0800 157 7611, or E:mail matthew.claxson@mooreblatch.com