HGV driver's have been caught behind the wheel eating their lunch, using a mobile phone and even putting toothpaste on their toothbrush! 

It is very disappointing that HGV Driver's continue to behave in this way notwithstanding high profile road traffic collisions involving HGV driver's in the past two years, particularly on the M1 and A34.

The BBC article sets out the success the police have had in using an unmarked lorry to catch HGV driver's dangerous driving. 

The success of the police operation comes after a recent BBC investigation found that a number of fixed speed cameras were not actually in use. This generated some online views as to whether the physical presence of a police officer or mobile speed camera was more effective than a fixed speed camera. 

It certainly presents the likelihood of behaviour change amongst HGV drivers at least if they are aware that they could be caught by an unmarked HGV or see the presence of a marked police vehicle.

The devastation caused by an HGV has recently been highlighted in August 2017 when two HGV's collided with a minibus causing numerous deaths and serious injury to those in the minibus.  

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