Road Safety Week starts today which is the campaign by Brake, the national road safety charity, with the message for drivers to reduce their speed. 

Road Safety Week follows the day after the "World Day of Remembrance" for Road Crash victims that was held globally on the 19th November 2017. 

Furthermore, the UK Department for Transport statistics released for the 12 month period ending June 2017 confirmed that in Great Britain there were some 1710 fatal road crashes on our roads.

The main causes for fatal and serious road crash are considered to be the following:-

1. Speed 

2. Distraction, primarily mobile phone

3. Failure to wear a seatbelt 

4. Impairment by alcohol and/or drugs 

The theme of this years Road Safety Week is #SpeedDownSaveLives as the attached article by Brake explains. 

A reduction in speed might avoid completely a road crash or reduce the severity of the injury sustained that might otherwise lead to death. 

By leaving a few minutes more for your journey you can allow more time and keep within the speed limit to ensure that you arrive alive. 

As an expert in accessing rehabilitation for those who have suffered major trauma or representing at inquest those bereaved as a result of road crash i have unfortunately seen many cases where death or serious injury might have been avoided by a little less speed. 

Matthew Claxson is a Partner in the major trauma team at Moore Blatch LLP who are an award winning team specialising in accessing rehabilitation for those who have suffered injury as a consequence of a road traffic collision.  Matthew can be contacted on freephone 0800 157 7611 or by e:mail

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