This article describes a parent who now home-educates, after her daughter struggled to understand the lessons, and other children's behaviour, due to her diagnosis of ASD and ADHD. The article describes trying 3 different schools before deciding to home-educate. 

Unfortunately, this is a situation many parents find themselves in when the school their child is attending simply can't support their needs. Parents then find themselves in a difficult position.

In reality, however, the Local Authority should be identifying children with SEN and providing them with the support they need. This is done through an Education Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment, following which the Local Authority will decide whether to issue an EHC Plan. 

Once an EHC Plan has been issued, the school can request funds from the Local Authority to support the child's needs, as identified. If a parent is unhappy with the Local Authority's decision, for example, refusing to carry out an EHC needs assessment or, refusing to issue an EHC Plan, these can be appealed to the SEN Tribunal.

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