A lorry driver who killed a mother and three children while distracted by his mobile phone has had his 10 year jail term confirmed by the Court of Appeal as the attached article reports.

Many of us will remember the news report of the carnage caused by Tomasz Kroker who whilst driving an HGV was scrolling through music selections on his mobile phone when he collided with a stationary car in traffic on the A34 in Newbury, Berkshire. Four died and a number were seriously injured. 

It is understood that Tomasz Kroker challenged the 10 year sentence imposed at the original criminal Hearing on the basis the Judge had adopted an unorthodox approach to sentencing.  However, on Friday, 1st December 2017, the Court of Appeal confirmed that the 10 year sentence was entirely appropriate given the circumstance of the collision and affect on those bereaved or injured in the crash.

This case provides a very clear illustration of the damage caused by using a mobile phone whilst driving and the firm approach the Court is prepared to take when asked to rule on such matters.  The clear message is when driving put your phone away and concentrate on the road ahead.

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