Parents have the right to elect to home educate their children, and many do an excellent job at ensuring their child's progress through the curriculum. We have commented previously on children with SEN who are being educated at home, for fear that the school system is not meeting their needs. This article, however, identifies a further reason for home education; teachers encouraging parents to home educate, rather risk their children being excluded.

As the Department of Education has commented, this is worrying, as it bypasses the processes and procedures meant to protect pupils from missing a school education. If your child is at risk of exclusion, it may be better to go through the process with the school, including consideration of how to improve behaviour, without exclusion - which should be a last resort - rather than feel pressured into home educating.

It is also important that any cause for the behaviour is investigated and if this is as a result of a special educational needs, this should also be investigated and raised with the Local Authority.

If you wish to discuss either an assessment for SEN or take advice on the proper process and procedure for exclusion, please contact us.