As set out in the below linked article, it is expected this week that there will be a recommendation for a new offence of 'causing death by dangerous cycling'.

It is also thought that the term of imprisonment for causing death by dangerous driving is likely to be reviewed from the current maximum of 14 years to possible life imprisonment. 

This would be an important development because current laws stipulate only "mechanically propelled vehicles" are included in the current law of 'causing death by dangerous driving'.

Should the new law of 'causing death by dangerous cycling' be introduced then it will address a lacuna in the law that could only be addressed in the Charlie Alliston (the cyclist who struck a pedestrian causing her death) case by resorting to an 1861 law with inadequate penalty. The new law would put mechanically and self propelled vehicles on the same level.

However, if we are to treat cyclists the same as motorists then road design will need to consistently cater for the interests of cyclists. 

Also, any new law must clarify the rights and obligations of cyclists and offer greater legal indemnities to cyclists who are caught up in collisions while cycling in a designated lane.

Furthermore, any new legislation should not deter those from wishing to cycle as cycling is widely accepted as a positive activity for health, climate and so on. 

Matthew commented on the Charlie Alliston case by way of an article in the Independent Newspapers and I online paper titled "These are the new laws we need for cycling" dated 21st September 2017.

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