There are a number of comments in this article which are of concern, especially given the frequency with which these issues are also being raised by parents that contact us.

Annual reviews are a good opportunity to consider the child/young person's needs and to identify the provision that is required to meet these. They should not be used as a chance to remove provision due to funding restrictions. Legislation and guidance are very clear that, if provision is required due to the special educational needs of a child, this should be provided by the Local Authority.

Of further concern is the comment that one Local Authority refused to accept the evidence of a school, in requesting 2:1 support for a child. This is something that should have been amended in the Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), providing legal protection to the required level of support. 

If there is professional evidence which suggests a higher level of support, this should be specified in the EHCP. If the Local Authority refuses to amend the EHCP this should be appealed to the SEN Tribunal.