In a joint report, both the Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee and the Chair of the Education Committee have commented that the Green Paper on Mental Health is failing a generation.

They comment that there are some real concerns around the drawn out timeframe of implementation and that many children and young people will not benefit.

Further comments are made on more specific issues in respect of the Green Paper, for example, the strain that schools and colleges will be under. This is especially given their already stretched resources. They comment that staff also require support, and the government must be careful not to overburden professionals by the demands of the Green Paper.

The report also considers that some issues have not been effectively considered in the Green Paper, including exam pressure; exclusion of pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs; the transition to adult care; and key demographic groups where there are higher levels of needs.

Given the relevant feedback it is hoped that the Green Paper can be used, as intended, to improve mental health provision for all.