Despite this rather bleak headline, statistics provided in the report are rather more positive. The proportion of requests for assessment that are being rejected has fallen, in 2016 to 2017 from 26.9% to 22.6%. Clearly this is still concerning for the 22.6% of parents who may be required to appeal that decision, however, hopefully this trend continues with LA's more readily embracing their duty to assess and identify children with SEN.

Of concern, however, is the low percentage of EHC Plans being issued within statutory deadlines; only 64.9%. Whilst this is an increase from last year, it is still concerning, as this means parents waiting more than 20 weeks for a decision in respect of their child's SEN.

Further, the statistics demonstrate that the deadline for transfer to EHCPs has also been missed, with over 3,000 pupils still with Statements of SEN. The provision in these may be protected, however, it is of concern that these parents will have limited rights of appeal before a transfer to an EHCP is completed.

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