Children and families with Special Educational Needs ("SEN") have been left without school placements, as highlighted in this article. Some parents have even had to quit their jobs in order to support their children at home, a trend which is worryingly common - home schooling SEN children because there is simply no alternative. 

This serves to further highlight the difficulties that a number of families face when trying to support their children with SEN.

A letter has been signed by 39 local authorities and education unions which calls for councils and schools to be given more funds to make sure that children with SEN get the support they need.

Children have a right to suitable education and those with SEN should have their needs met. By identifying SEN earlier, providing support for children throughout their time in school, and delivering training for teachers and school staff, there would be less need for specialist school placements and less pressure on these already stretched resources. 

Let's hope that the children awaiting places at schools get a suitable offer through soon and remember, there are often rights of appeal if parents consider that the matter is not resolved.